A Disney Princess a little different

Belle is one of the two main characters in The Beauty and the Beast, the famous Oscar-winning cartoon by Walt Disney Studios. It is a free adaptation of a famous classic history existing in several forms. At the beginning of the story, a young and arrogant prince is cursed by an old woman after he refused to open his door during a storm. She gives him the appearance of a hideous beast and it is only by being loved in this form that he can recover his true physical form. When years later, the staff of the castle agrees to let a man enter during a storm, the beast is furious and locks him up. His daughter Belle, an intelligent young woman with a passion for reading, comes to the castle and offers to become his servant in exchange for her father's freedom. But against all odds, Belle will grow attached to the Beast and the staff of the castle will see an opportunity to finally be able to break the spell.

Belle with birds

This figurine is a hot topic version of the Belle figure in winter outfit released at the same time. She is depicted with her bright pink dress decorated with a strip of lighter pink. With this, she of course wears this famous dark red coat lined with white fur. It takes the form of a cape with, in addition, a part covering the shoulders and the top of her torso, also bordered with white fur. On this Hot Topic version, unlike the other, she does not wear her hood, which reveals a little more of her hair. Her face is very simple and we can easily recognize her brown hair brought back to the back by a ribbon. Finally, what differentiates her from the other figure is that, like that of La Bête released at the same time, Belle has two little birds, a yellow and a blue, placed on her hands, as in this famous scene of the cartoon where she shows the Beast that he is not monstrous to everyone.