The genetically modified gorilla

Winston is one of the playable characters in the video game Overwatch from Blizzard entertainment. This first person shooter game takes place in a futuristic world ten years after the end of a war between humans and robots. But when new dangers and conflicts arise, the Overwatch elite team must reform. Players fight each other in teams of six heroes where everyone has a very precise role. Winston is a tank, a player attracting all attackers to protect other members of his team. Winston is a genetically modified gorilla with a shield helping him protect other players and he can also jump from one point to the other.

A super sized figure

Winston is a gorilla, which makes him bigger than most characters. Which explains why Funko decided to make it a super sized figure of 15 cm instead of the usual 10 cm. He is portrayed standing up with his long arms touching ground. He's wearing an impressive metal armor whose details are very well depicted. As for the head, he's wearing a helmet that still lets his hair and blue beard show. His face is of course a bit different than the usual pop figures to remain faithful to his gorilla face. He's also wearing rectangle shaped glasses that make him look smart.