The spider woman

Widowmaker is one of the heroins the player can choose to to be in Overwatch, the new first person shooter game from Blizzard Entertainment. The game is set in a futuristic world where the elite team Overwatch managed to end a terrible war. But ten years into the future, new dangers arise and Overwatch is needed again. They will have to fight six against six on a battlefield and each character has a very specific role to play. Widow maker's specificity is defense. She's especially agile and discreet and can reach very tight spots thanks to her grapple gun.

Widow maker sees everything

Widow maker is mostly purple. She wears a very tight purple outfit with silver metal boots and big armors on her wrists. In her hands, she holds her very impressive multi functions gun. Her slightly purple complexion and her tilted brows make her look especially ferocious and impressive. She wears this strange grey helmet with several red lights that make her look like a spider. And of course, Funko also portrayed with her long purple hair in a ponytail.