Tyrion the outcast

Tyrion Lannister is of the main characters of Game Of Thrones, the TV show adaptation of A Song Of Ice And Fire, the famous novels by George Martin. Tyrion Lannister remains one of the fan favorites, either the book or TV version. He is the younger son of the very powerful lord Tywin Lannister. Being a dwarf, Tyrion is hated by his father and sister Cersei and the fact that his mother died giving birth to him makes them hate him even more. His brother Jaime is the only member of his family who always loved him. The Lannister became especially important when Cersei married Robert Baratheon became the king after the alliance of several powerful families overthrew king Aerys Targaryen. Tyrion is very smart and educated, having a great interested in books, especially history and dragons. He also has a very great sense of humor and a taste for prostitutes. Tyrion always tries what's for the people, often trying to repair the wrongs done by his family but being a Lannister and dwarf, he will always be treated unfairly.

Still a Lannister

Tyrion is portrayed here with his appearance from the two first seasons. (In the end of season two, he gets a big scar in the middle of the face from the battle of the Nera). His clothes are probably inspired by the ones he wears on season one promotional photos. These are very elegant clothes made of noble material and adapted to his high rank. He's wearing black pants and boots as well a leather tunique. On top of it, he's wearing a leather vest with fine golden embroideries. Despite having very tense relationships with the members of his family, Tyrion almost wears the colors of his family. Tyrion has been portrayed here with the slightly darker hair he's sporting in the latest seasons in contrast with the Lannister blond hair he had at the beginning of the show.