The High Elf who became Undead

Sylvanas is an important character from World Of Warcraft, Blizzard entertainment's famous MMORPG. In this game, you can chose to be part of one of two opposing factions. On one side, there's the Alliance composed of humans, dwarves, night elves, gnoms, draeneï and worgen. On the other, there's the Hord composed avec trolls, orcs, goblins, blood elves, tauren and the undead. Sylvanas was a High Elf, chief hunter of the city of Silvermoon. When Arthas attacked, she tried her best to defend the city but was still beaten and the city was taken. To punish her, Arthas took her soul and turned her into an Undead, thinking she could be of use to him. Later, when Arthas started to lose power, she was able to free herself and decided to create her own faction of Undead in the city of Undercity. In the end, she still decided to join the other races of the Hord to fight against the Alliance.

Beautiful and terrifying

Being a High Elf to begin with, Sylvana's appearance is much closer to a Night Elf or a Blood Elf than to an actual Undead with their green skin and their visible entrails! You can see that she's got this purple/blue skin and her typical Elf Hunter armor. The whole thing is quite well done by Funko with the fine intertwined patterns that make up the style of Elf clothes. In her hand, she holds her beautiful bow to remind us again that she used to be a Hunter. Her face is also blue and she wears a big hood that covers a big part of her face and hair. You can still see part of her white hair and long pointy ears. Also, as she is still an Undead, for once Funko portrayed with the real color of her eyes, a glowing red.