Star Wars Funko Pop! figures

With Disney and a few other ones, Star Wars is one of the biggest licences existing in Funko Pop! versions. Historically, Star Wars characters were the first ones to exist as Funko Pop! and the only ones to still have a small pedestal as well as bobble-head (along with the Marvel figures) Funko has already released more than fifty figures from the first two trilogies as well as several exclusives and special packs. They released more than twenty figures for "The Force Awakens", ten for "Rogue One", always with a few extra exclusives. And finally they released eight figure for the "Star Wars rebels" series and we will most likely many more of them for the next Star Wars movies.

Star Wars is a famous science-fiction saga created in 1977 by George Lucas. The first trilogy was released between 1977 and 1983 then there was another prequel trilogy that was released between 1999 and 2005 which is still, to this day, wildly criticized. The story takes places a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Even though, there are many characters and storylines, we follow the battle between the evil empire lead by the Sith Lords who use the Force for evil, and the rebel alliance which is helped by the few remaining Jedis who use the force for good. The first trilogy follows mainly the story of young Luke Skywalker who's going to discover that he's one of the remaining Jedis and meet his twin sister Leia as well as his father, the infamous Darth Vader.

Baze Malbus figure (Star Wars Rogue One)

Baze Malbus is a character in the first movie of the new Star Wars Stories: Rogue One. It takes place shortly before the beginning of the ...

Rogue One collection

Jabba The Hutt figure (Star Wars)

Jabba The Hutt is a well-known character in the Star Wars universe. It appears for the first time in the third film of the original trilogy ...

Star Wars collection

Rancor with Luke and Slave Oola figure (Star Wars)

Rancor is a monster that meets Luke Skywalker in the famous Star Wars saga and more particularly in the third film of the original trilogy: ...

Star Wars collection

Chirrut Imwe figure (Star Wars Rogue One)

Chirrut Imwe is one of the characters appearing for the first time in the first movie of the new Star Wars Stories: Rogue One. The film ...

Rogue One collection

Jyn Erso pop figureJyn Erso figure (Star Wars Rogue One)

Jyn Erso is the main character of Rogue One, the first movie of the new saga taking place in the Star wars Universe. This movie takes place ...

Star Wars collection