The teleporting hero

Reaper is one of the playable characters from the latest big game developed by Blizzard Entertainment: Overwatch. It's a first person shooter type game in which two teams of six players fight against each other in an arena to win the game. The game takes place in futuristic world. Ten years after ending a war involving robots and humans, the Overwatch elite team doesn't exist anymore. But new conflicts arise in the world and the team is going to have to regroup again. Each character has a specific role to play in the game. Reaper's role is to attack. He also has the capability to teleport and become invincible for a few seconds.

The grim reaper

Just like his name suggests it, Reaper looks like a grim reaper with his white and kind of futuristic skull mask. On his body, you can see his black outfit with silver boots and a long hooded black coat. Details of this outfit are very well done by Funko, which makes a really beautiful figure, like all other characters from Overwatch. Like he often does in game, Reaper is holding an impressive futuristic shot gun with two holes.