A man of honor

Ned stark is one of the main characters from the season one of Game Of Thrones, the TV show adaptation of A Song Of Ice And Fire, the famous novels by George Martin. Portrayed onscreen by Sean Bean, he will only be part of season but his death and his actions will have a huge impact on the events in Westeros and beyond. Ned Stark is the lord of Winterfell and the North, the last land between the kingdom of Westeros and the wild lands beyond the big wall. At the beginning of the show, his friend the king Robert Baratheon visits him in Winterfell to ask him to become the new hand of the king after their common friend Jon Arryn died in suspicious circumstances. Ned accepts this new responsibility out of friendship but also in the hope that he'll be able to investigate this suspicious death, especially when it comes to the queen and all the Lannister family he never trusted. That's what will be the beginning of his problems and what will lead him to his death. Ned Stark is a very respected man. He's just, good and honorable although a bit cold.

A man from the North

Ned Stark remains before everything a warrior and a man from the North. So even when he becomes hand of the king and comes to King's Landing, he doesn't change his habits even though the weather is much warmer there. He doesn't wear his big wool and fur coat anymore but still wears mostly dark and cold colors. He almost only ever wears a brown leather tunique on top of a darker blue/grey thinner one. This figure seems to be especially inspired from the outfit he wears at the moment he confronts the queen about the true identity of the father of her children. Funko didn't forget details like his hand of the king badge or his leather belt. He is portrayed as a warrior with gloves and his impressive big sword "Ice" whose proportions have been a bit underestimated since it normally is almost as tall as him. His brown hair and facial hair are perfectly faithful to how the character looks like in the show.