A traditionalist

Mordo is one of the main characters in the Marvel's Doctor Strange film, inspired by the famous comics. The hero of the film is Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon. At the beginning of the story, lifeseems to smile at him until he is the victim of a serious car accident in which his hands are severely damaged. He then finds himself unable to practice his job and loses his reason to live. He tries everything to find a way to heal until he hears about a man who has suffered much more serious injuries that have successfully healed completely. The man explains that it is thanks to a strange person living in a mountain village of the Himalayas and having taught him his techniques. Stephen Strange decides to go there and while he is looking for the famous character, he is approached by Mordo, one of his disciples. At first, the ancient one refuses to teach Dr. Strange, finding him too arrogant but Mordo convinces him, insisting that he could be an excellent disciple. His teaching can begin.

The disciple with the green tunic

Like all the other disciples, Mordo wears an outfit that approaches a kind of uniform even if it is personalized for each of them. He wears pants and black boots, the details of which are very beautifully reproduced. With this, he wears a long green tunic supported by a wide belt at the waist and decorated with many elements of decoration: fringes, metal rings and braids of leather. Below, he also wears long sleeves and reinforcements at the forearms and wrists. About his face we can of course see his brown skin as well as the slightly lighter scars on his forehead and his cheek. His hair is black and short, and in his right hand he holds a stick, one of the famous relics which is entrusted to each of the disciples when he has reached the end of his training.