The Polynesian heroine

Moana is the heroine of the new Disney Studios movie of the same name, vaguely based on Polynesian legends. Moana is a Polynesian teenager, daughter of a tribal chief and future chief of the tribe herself. When she was still a little girl, Moana found a stone on the beach, the heart of Te Fiti Island, a goddess having taken the form of an island after creating life around her. Indeed, a thousand years earlier, the heart of this island was stolen by the demigod Maui to fight a demon but the stone was lost during the fight and the island became cursed, deprived of all life. Once as a teenager, when she realizes that all life on the island is dying, the fish no longer approaching her and the coconut rotting on the trees, Moana decides, encouraged by her great Mother, to try reuniting the goddess with her heart. For this, she will also need the help of Maui, the demigod responsible for all this catastrophe. Throughout her adventure, Moana is also accompanied by Pua, an adorable little tamed pig.

A new generation princess

Moana being a young Polynesian, her appearance is logically adapted to this fact. Her skin is brown and her clothes relatively light. She wears a skirt arriving at mid-calf and comprising several layers of different fabrics whose details are very nicely represented on this figure. On her upper body, she wears a broad band of orange fabric harmonized with her belt. Around her neck she wears a necklace with a blue stone. Her face is quite simple but one can easily recognize her thick curly brown hair brought to the back behind her shoulders. This figure is also accompanied by a small figurine of Pua, the adorable little pig that accompanies her throughout the film. This one is mainly white with some brown spots as well as its snout and large pink ears giving it a particularly cute aspect.