The new Star wars heroin

Jyn Erso is the main character of Rogue One, the first movie of the new saga taking place in the Star wars Universe. This movie takes place just before the construction of the first Death Star so somewhere between the second and original trilogies. Jyn Erso is a member of the rebel alliance for whom she has already done a few missions since she was a teenager. The alliance wants to know more about the Death Star and possibly steal its plans. As it happens, Jyn's father is the one working on it. It's this very specific mission that will give Luke Skywalker the possibility to destroy it during the first Star Wars movie.

Jyn Erso with Cassian Andor and K2SO in Rogue OneJyn Erso holding a gun in Rogue One

A young Han Solo

Physically, Jyn Erso kind of looks like a young feminine version of Han Solo. Her clothes are adapted to a pretty harsh lifestyle. They're mostly black with a few brown leather parts and are composed of pants, boots and a leather jacket. This is quite a simple look but it had been depicted by Funko with a lot of details that make it a very nice toy figure. Her head is pretty simple but her long wavy bob make her very recognizable. Of course, she's also holding an impressive gun in her right hand.

Jyn Erso pop figure in box