A very important bastard

Jon Snow is one of the main characters from the series of novels "A Song Of Ice And Fire" by George Martin. In the show (called Game Of Thrones, which is actually the title of the first book), Jon Snow is the bastard son of Eddard Stark, lord of Winterfell and the North. Jon is supposedly the son that Ned had with another woman pretty much at the same as his legitimate son Robb. But there's still a mystery on the actual identity of Jon's mother since his father died before he had the time to reveal it to him. Not feeling very welcome by Ned's wife, Jon Snow decides to join the night's watch at the beginning of the show. The Night's Watch is an ancient order who swore to guard the wall from the dangers coming from the North of the Seven Kingdoms. Jon is very close to his brother Robb and his sister Arya but his vows to the order will stop him from interfering in the wars of the kingdom later on. During his first mission beyond the wall, he will have to infiltrate a group of wildlings and will soon discover that they are far from being the worst danger.

Jon Snow holding his swordJon Snow in the Night's Watch

A brother of the night's watch

Jon Snow is portrayed here with his black clothes from the Night's Watch. Apart from the few first episodes of the show, we barely ever see him wear anything else anyway except when he's training. His clothes are adapted to the very cold weather: pants, boots, a long tunique and thick leather black gloves. On top of it, he wears a thick wool cape with fur on the shoulder and neck. Jon also holds Long Claw, the valerian steel sword, offered to him by commander Mormont before his first mission. You can see the detail of wolf head sculpted on the pommel, which replaces the bear head that melted during a fire. On his head you can recognize his thick black hair and facial hair even if we could regret the fact his hair don't seem as curly as they are in the show.

Jon Snow pop figure in box