The head of a large criminal organization

Jabba The Hutt is a well-known character in the Star Wars universe. It appears for the first time in the third film of the original trilogy (The Return of the Jedi) but is already mentioned in the previous two films. He is the leader of a criminal organization living on Tatooine and has a whole army of assassins, smugglers and thieves in his service as well as many droids and slaves for his entertainment.

Not a very elegant creature

As can be seen on this figure, Jabba is not really a very graceful creature. It is a kind of big worm with two arms and a head that moves more or less crawling, although it actually doesn't move a lot because of its enormous belly. As in the film, his skin is green with a few touches of orange. He has big black eyes surrounded by wrinkles and his tongues as well as several filets of drool hang from his mouth which show his insatiable appetite.