Marvel's magical hero

Doctor Stephen Strange is the main character of Doctor Strange, the movie adaptation of the famous Marvel comics. He is the first Marvel hero with magic powers to make it into the Marvel cinematic universe. Stephen Strange is a brilliant and very arrogant neuro-surgeon whose life is going to take a dramatic turn when he has a bad car accident who leaves his hands damaged, rendering him incapable of doing his job. After searching for every medical solution, he turns towards a more mystical approach when he hears about a man who healed from similar injuries after meeting a mysterious character leaving in the Himalayan mountains. The ancient one will accept to teach him her magic and soon Stephen is going to become her most brilliant student.

Benedict Cumberbatch on Doctor Strange movie posterDoctor Strange using his magic

An elegant hero

Stephen Strange's appearance in the movie is really close to his comics counterpart except for the fact that the colors are a bit less flashy and more elegant. He's wearing a simple pants with black boots and his famous blue tunic held closed by a very large belt that's especially well detailed on this figure. Of course he's also wearing his famous red levitation cape. On his head, you can see his very recognizable facial hair as well as the grey streaks in his hair.

Doctor Strange pop figure in box