A different kind of super hero

Deadpool is the main character of the Deadpool comics and the movie adapted from it. he first appeared in the X-men comics as one of Wolverine's enemy and then as an ally once he was recruited. And that's when he finally had his own adventures. Deadpool is a former CIA agent who accepted to participate in a series of strange scientific experiments in the hope of curing his terminal cancer. Scientists couldn't cure him but some other experiments made him immortal but completely disfigured. After that, he never takes off his mask and costume anymore and becomes a super-hero with really questionable morals. Never hesitating to kill, he's also very popular for his very special humor and his tendency to break the fourth wall.

A really fun character

Because of the experiments that disfigured him, Deadpool never takes off his full costume and the comics' creators often have fun depicting him in very improbable situations. So you can see him here with a shower cap and holding a rubber duck like he's about to take a bath. Apart from that, he wears his usual black and red outfit with a few straps around the thighs or waist to store guns or various other weapons in them.