The mercenary turned super-hero

Deadpool is the main character of the eponymous comics from Marvel. He first started as an enemy of the X-Men and then, due to the character's popularity, he became a super hero in his own adventures. He's a former CIA assassin turned mercenary who participated to scientific experiments. It ended up curing his cancer but also made him immortal and terribly disfigured. And that's why he always wears a complete black and red costume. His methods are quite unorthodox and he's mentally unstable but he's mostly well known for his strange off key humor and his habit of talking directly to the reader.

Deadpool the pirate

In the comics, Deadpool loves dressing up, which could give the opportunity to create hundreds of different figures. Funko decided to depict him here with a pirate hat. Of course, he also wears his usual black and red costume, his eyes marked with two big black marks. On his head you can see a classic pirate hat with the usual symbol of the skull on top of two crossed tibias.