Rick's right-hand man

Daryl Dixon is one of the main character of "The Walking Dead", the TV adaptation of the famous zombie comic books. Nervous and kind of a loner, Daryl is also a former US marine which makes him a formidable fighter and an obvious asset to the group of survivors. His weapon of choice is a crossbow, a silent and efficient weapon, which also makes him the hunter of the group. As the show progresses, we learn more things about this mysterious character and his past. Since the beginning of season two, he has become Rick Grime's official right-hand man.

The man with the crossbow

On this figure, Daryl is depicted with the outfit he wears on most promo shoots from the first season. He wears a light blue jeans with brown shoes and his famous sleeveless shirt. In his arms, he carries his black crossbow, ready to shoot. On his head, you can recognize his haircut from season one as well as his famous goatee. Funko also decided to portray with eyes that look half closed to better represent his very characteristic eyes.