A strong woman

Brienne Of Tarth is an important character from Game Of Thrones, the TV show adaptation of A Song Of Ice And Fire, the famous novels by George Martin. We first see her in season two as a secondary character but she becomes more important from season three onwards. Brienne is the sole heiress of lord Selwyn Tarth. Her unusual appearance (very tall, strong and a large face) makes her look unattractive for most men so she decides from a young age that she will not get married and instead become a knight. She will first gain the respect of Renly Baratheon and become a member of his king's guard. When he gets murdered, Brienne is unfairly accused of it and decides to go serve Catelyn Stark, the only other person to ever show her kindness. Catelyn will trust her to escort Jaimie Lannister to King's Landing since he promised to send her daughters back to her in exchange. When they're both made prisoners on the way and he manages to save her from rape and a violent death, she starts respecting him more. Back in King's Landing, Sansa and Arya are no longer there anymore, but trying to keep true to his word, Jaimie gives her a sword and asks her to go looking for Catelyn's daughters to try and protect them.

The giant warrior

Brienne is portrayed here with the golden armor she wears during seasons two and three. It's of a very good quality that shows that Brienne comes from a rich family. The different parts of it have been done very well and Funko hasn't forgotten all the little details like the patterns on the chest part and the contrasting grey elements. Under her armor, you can see that she wears a blue plaque tunique, probably a reminder of the isle of Tarth that is also called the Sapphire Island. Brienne being a warrior before everything, she is portrayed with a sword in hand and its sheet hanging by her hip. Her short blond hair look a bit ruffled, like she just fought. Also to respect the impressive appearance of the character, Funko used the basic mold that's usually on male characters. The figure is also 0,5 to 1 cm taller than most Game Of Thrones figures and stands as tall as The Hound.