A mysterious soldier

Soldier 76 is a playable character in Blizzard's Overwatch video game. In this first person shooter game, two groups of heroes fight each other to take control of an arena. Ten years prior to this, a war between humans and robots was ended thanks to the help of Overwatch elite troupe. Today, the group has disappeared but the Soldier 76 thinks that it happened under strange circumstances and decides to try and learn more about it. Soldier 76 is an attack character who possesses very impressive weapons.

The masked soldier

Soldier 76 is considered like a kind of vigilante, which explains why he wears a mask. You can see his outfit of military inspiration, especially with the big armors on his boots. The blue, red and white stripes on his jacket clearly remind us of those from Captain America's costume. On the head, you can see this futuristic mask covering most of his face and only letting his white hair and big scar show on his forehead.